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The directory provides consistent information about each company listed, including an overview, its competitive advantages, the technology, services and brands it offers, the industry and geographical markets it operates in and any industry alliances it has. This enables you to research company capabilities and shortlist them before making contact. It also avoids potentially hours of trawling through individual company websites to get the same information.

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Welcome to the environment directory
The environment directory is a comprehensive guide to environmental technologies, products and services available from companies operating in Australia. It gives you access to a vast array of information on everything from water treatment to solar energy and sustainable resource use.

The companies listed on the directory can provide solutions to your environmental problems and help your business to meet its triple bottom line objectives of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

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The environment directory is owned by EIDN Pty Ltd and managed from offices in Canberra, ACT and Copacabana, NSW. Listing is only available to companies based in Australia. To download information on how to list your company please click here. To download a company profile form please click here.

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