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Visy Recycling

section heading graphic   Overview

Visy Recycling is the world's largest privately owned recycler of household, industrial and commercial recyclable products.

section heading graphic   Competitive Advantages

Visy Recycling was established in 1979 to collect and supply recyclable paper to feed Visy's paper mills. Visy Recycling collects materials from more than Australian 1.5 million households nationally, and maintains an extensive school, commercial and industrial recycling collection service. It is committed to investing in new technology and creating new markets for the recycled materials collected. Together with Visy Paper and Visy Board, it recovers, recycles and reuses recyclable products, making the company a truly integrated recycler.

Visy Recycling operates a closed loop system that makes recycling viable. This means reducing the use of packaging, recovering all recyclable products that would otherwise be destined for landfill and recycling those products into new products ready to be consumed and recycled again and again.

Visy Recycling was a foundation member of the Buy Recycled Business Alliance, an international organisation committed to increasing the purchase of recycled content products, and one of the first to sign the National Packaging Covenant.

section heading graphic   Technology & Services

Visy Recycling recycles paper and cardboard, glass, steel, plastics, liquidpaperboard and aluminium. Using a national infrastructure integrated with state-of-the-art technology and high-standard customer service, Visy Recycling:

  • collects recyclable materials
  • sorts them into material groups
  • onsells the recyclables ready for new end uses
  • re-manufactures them into new and innovative products.

section heading graphic   Markets, Brands & Alliances

Visy Recycling maintains a network of country agents to service the recycling requirements of urban and rural Australia and is part of the global Visy group.

section heading graphic   Enquiries

Name Ainslie Kenny   VISY Recycling
Job Title Marketing Manager
30-32 Plummer Road
Laverton North
VIC 3026 Australia
Phone +61 3 9247 4666
Fax +61 3 9248 2198

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